1/72 Aermacchi MB-339AM/CM

Gallery Article by Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan on Oct 10 2019



Aermacchi MB-339AM/CM Royal Malaysian Airforce

This is the Italeri 1/72 scale Aermacchi MB-339 which is built in the Malaysian Airforce variant scheme.  The MB-339AM is used by the RMAF from 1983 to 2009 before it was replaced by the MB-339CM which is currently used as a trainer aircraft under Pulatibang 3 Squadron. The MB-339AM is the aircraft with the camo pattern on it while the newer version is the MB-399CM which is in all gull grey scheme.

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Overall the kit was easy to build not alot of issues in terms of fitting and gaps. The main challenge was the raised panel lines and canopy fitting. A bit of minor conversion was made for the MB-339CM which the radome at wing rudder and external refueling probe at the cockpit area. Aftermarket decal were used from MWM for the Malaysian squadron. Overall it was a fun build making the two variants of Italian made aircraft used by the Malaysian Airforce which is unique in its design and importance for aviation industry.

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Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan

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Photos and text by Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan