1/144 Mini Hobby Model F-15C

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Sept 16 2019



This is a 1/144 Mini Hobby model F-15C kit. On first inspection this kit is far from desired if built OOB. It has a bare cockpit and the canopy was rather thick (an advantage on hindsight). The ordnance included barely resemble anything like the AIM 7 or AIM 120 amraam. The kit's centreline drop tank was way off least to say.

To build a fairly reasonable looking F-15C the following enhancements and modification were incorporated:-

  • a, Build up the cockpit area with scratch-built seat, simple instrument panel. Sand down the canopy and repolished it and coat it with Future. Added a pilot figure for in-flight display.

  • b. Reshaped the nose with putty and sharpen the tip with a metal wire. Added in the AOAs and other external probes and antennas.

  • c. Sand down to thin the air intake walls and create an opening for the gun port.

  • d. Scratch-built a centreline drop tank

  • e. Added scratch-built RWRs, ECM blisters and light on the vertical fins.

  • f. Reshape the leading edge of the horizontal stabilators with plastic strips to improve its look.

  • g. Added a scratch-built tail hook

  • h. Reshape the exhaust nozzles and added strips to make it resemble the PW turkey feather nozzles

  • i. Fairly extensive filling and sanding down around the tail and the vertical fins fit area to improve its look

  • j. Cut out the ailerons and repositioned them for a left banking pose

The kit decals were for a PACAF Kadena 67th Fighter Squadron based in Japan; similar to one that I had built before. I decided to search for a new marking. I came across a F-15C from 159th Fighter Squadron from Florida ANG and create the decals for it. 

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Paint scheme is the standard Mod Eagle scheme. I custom mix the paint using Mr Hobby/Tamiya acrylic basic colours. Two coats of thinned paint were hand brushed on in between drying. This was followed by two coats of thinned Future gloss coats in between drying in preparation of decal application. Another two coats of thinned Future was brushed on in between drying to seal the decals. Moderate weathering was applied before two thinned coats of Future/Tamiya Flat Base mix was airbrushed on for a flat finish.

For the exhaust area, I used Mr Metal Color Aluminium and Chrome Silver thinned with Mr Color Leveling Thinner to brush it on. I then used cotton tip to gently buffed it for a shine. I then used pastel to create the burnt effect on the bottom metal surface and the nozzle. I was quite please with the outcome.

I finish off with the usual mounting on a display base - a reasonable looking F-15C. Enjoy the photos.

S K Loh

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Photos and text by S K Loh