1/48 Trumpeter F-100D Super Sabre

Gallery Article by Frederic Cottin on June 17 2019



Hello fellow modelers!

This is my F-100D super Sabre from Chinese manufacturer Trumpeter.  High was my expectation before I've opened the box, huge was my disappointment after that,

Indeed, even if the kit had a very good received panel lines, is suffered a big inaccuracy, the air intake is much more too flat,

Moreover the cockpit and the ejection seat are very simplified, it's the same for the gear doors and so on and so on...

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But as I'm a big fan of the Hun , I decided to correct the air intake problem with a Renaissance resin kit and to improve details level I used an AIRES resin kit to replace the original cockpit.

The markings are those a French Air Force Super Sabre based at Djibouti in 1978.

This particular F-100D, was personal plane of Captain Michel Croci who was the instigator of the spectacular shark's mouth decoration, painted on the squadron aircraft. The idea was to celebrate the end of F-100 in French air force (the sharks' mouth were only painted for the last three months of service).

Sadly Captain Crocy was killed in action in 1984 in Tchad when his Jaguar was shot down by ground fire. 

My model is a modest tribute to his memory.

I hope you will like it.

Frederic Cottin

Photos and text by Frederic Cottin