1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1H Huey

Gallery Article by Charlies Rodriguez on Jan 30 2019



This is my 1/48th scale Kitty Hawk UH-1H Huey.  I built it representing United States Army UH-1H From the B Co 4-228th AVN at El Salvador between Jan 1991 and Feb1992.

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The model was built almost OBB scratch is the instrument panel the HF Tail antenna and mount, the ALQ 144-Jammer and the wires, gunner seats, I remade all the bars on the main rotor mast and the counter weights, the roof inside was completely done out of the one the kit brings the mounts for the M-60 were also modified to make the a bit more scale.

The model was painted with Model Master acrylic Paints. The main exterior color is U.S. Army FS34087.  Weathering was done using pastel chalks and swabs

I wanted to represent one of the many UH-1Hs from the B Co 4-228th AVN stationed at El Salvador during the time frame mentioned above assisting the FAS with the guerrilla war and other tasks.

Special Thanks to Rodrigo AD (salvador001) for always being able to help and answer my questions

Dedicated to Dan MacClinton and all Pilots and crew that served during this time at El Salvador.

Is not perfect but I really love this model.

Until next Huey.

Charlies Rodriguez

Photos and text by Charlies Rodriguez