1/160 Faller GZ-20A Blimpe

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Jan 29 2019



The kit of the airship is a relatively simple plastic kit (Article number: 222410) because it´s more a decoration for model railwails (N-scale) than a kit for plastic modelers. It comes with stickers for the tailplane and the inscription "Goodyear" is printed on the grey parts. Faller gave me the files of the graphics for the tailplane, so I could print it on decal-foil. Also "Goodyear" was printed and attached after I painted the parts. I had to overpaint my self printed decals, because the printing quality was poor. There is no display in the kit, so I used a acrylic rod (Ø 5 mm) and a plate out of aluminium to make one. On the inside I added a structure with two rubber grommets, so that the display can be settled into the model. Further I built the interior of the cabin and the tail wheel from scratch. The US flag was made with a thin, heated plastic sheet and decals. All the ropes and cables were made from stretched sprues and a thin wire.

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The GZ-20A is a nice addition for my collection of civil aviation. It reminds me on my childhood in the 1980s.

In the summertime the Blimp often could be seen and I went out already when I heard its special noise to watch it until it disappeared.

Greetings from Germany.

Thomas Brückelt

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