1/72 Revell/Belcher Bits North Stars

Gallery Article by Shawn “phantom” Weiler on Jan 25 2019



C-54 Converted to North Star

I started with a very high part count Revel C-54 kit. The interior is quite nice. But when finished you see next to none of all the work you have to put in there. Then you add a Belcher Bits conversion to make the American transport Canadian. It provides decals for for options, but really enough to do most of the paint schemes the North Star flew in. It also provides 4 very nice Merlin engines in resin.

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Also included is the ability to make the Rockcliff ice wagon. A test plane Canada used in the fifties to learn about icing on aircraft.

The Revel group build was the perfect excuse for me to start this complicated model. But a better excuse was the fact I have available customer who wanted a North Star of his own. Well, if I am going to make one, I might as well make two. His is the mid 1950s paint scheme with the red ensign and lower striping. Mine, the early 50’s version with the huge British style tail markings form the war years.


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