1/72 Academy Fw190D & Spitfire XVI by Greg Kerry

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Jan 21 2019



This diorama was actually begun two years ago - before a job and apartment change. Now I'm settled and it's finally finished.

It was supposed to represent Operation Bodenplatte: the Jan 1st Luftwaffe attack on TAF airfields in newly liberated Europe. But photos of that morning show a scattering of snow - and try as I might I couldn't get 1-72 scale snow looking right. So now the diorama simply represents a late-war low-level attack by a German lone wolf.

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Nothing special to say about the two Academy kits. Only that finishing in flight mode is tricky as they lack pilots and have no option for wheels up.

Everything here was brush-painted with Tamiya acrylics, washed and dry-brushed with tubed acrylics.

The cotton wool smoke was dyed with diluted ink while the flame parts were dyed acrylic orange and painted in brighter red and yellow. The base looks expensive but was actually some old presentation box rescued from a rubbish bin.

I suppose I should mention the Beechcraft: it was a Chinese knock-off kit bought years ago here in China (and I haven't seen any of these for ages now). I guess it came from the Hobbycraft product and like many such kits the plastic parts were perfect while the transparencies and decals were all but completely useless - the reason the smoke on my model engulfs the cockpit.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry