1/72 JetMAC

Gallery Article by Kees Kuyper on Jan 1 2019

Silly Week 2019



The JetMAC, a DC-3 with jet engines.  The original kit is a second world war DC-3 from Italeri and the wings are from an English Electric Canberra (Revell)or a US B-57(Italeri), a license built plane in reality.( models scale is 1:72).

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This is the second time I sent in a Jet DC-3 but the first one didnít have a landing gear, and missed a decal although I didnít show that.  I had to put a lot of weight in it, and the nose decal refused to go flat on the plastic, so I had to remove it partially and use paint which Is a bit too glossy to match well.( all paints are from Humbrol).

But I still find it one of my better models.

Kind regards from M.A.D.

Kees Kuyper

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