1/48 Roden OV-1A Mohawk

Gallery Article by Bob Leonard on Dec 4 2018



This is the Roden OV-1A in 1/48. A strange kit. Some parts fit with Tamiya-like precision, for example the wing to fuselage join was flawless for me. Other parts fit poorly. I spent a while getting the airbrakes to fit in the fuselage recesses and the front engine cowls needed work to fit the wings. You can see how much fishing sinkers it took to prevent a tail sitter. Overall Model Master FS34087 Olive Drab with medium gray walkways, which took a lot of time to mask. I also used many shades of faded olive drab and dark green to break up the monotone look of the early Mohawks. Decals are TwoBobs for the majority of the scheme, with SuperScale national insignia. 

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This high visibility scheme was used in 1964 in the early part of the Vietnam War. I think this Mohawk was number 9. (Grin.) The only aftermarket items were Apoxy-Sculpt seatbelts, and fine wire with EZ Line for some antennas. 

I found a photo of this exact machine in a July, 1964 Aviation Week.

Bob Leonard

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Photos and text by Bob Leonard