1/72 Trumpeter Su-27SM3 Flanker

Gallery Article by Victor Rene Carlos on Dec 4 2018



Hello Steve and your followers, after 8 months of work, I'm back again. This is my interpretation of the Flanker series, this one I converted into the SM3 mod. The kit is nice and well detailed, exceptional for the 1/72 scale.

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This is a gold standard in 1/72 scale, no problem with any fit.

I had to modify the location of the IRST from the center to slightly to the starboard. Placed some details in the cockpit. 

I custom mixed the paint, since there is no exact shade from Tamiya. I use Tamiya acrylics and some washes. No post shading was done, since reference pictures show no panel indentations. 

The greatest challenge is the exhaust and the burnt metal. Tried to replicate it, hopefully I gave it justice.

Pardon the crappy photography. Handpainted from start to end. Enjoy.

Victor Rene Carlos

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Photos and text by Victor Rene Carlos