1/48 Eduard Albatros D V

Gallery Article by Laurent 'angus' Beauvais on Nov 29 2018



For a while, I did feel some pain to feel like doing plastic kits, I needed something new. So I did decide, after some pathetic failure finishing in the waste basket, to mount WW1 kits direct from the box.

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This is my second kit of this style, the Albatros DV from Eduard that does offer very flashy paint schemes.

Few things to say regarding the mounting:

  • Take your time, be relaxed

  • study calmly the instructions

  • Use a transparent upper wing to position all this correctly

  • Paint before gluing the upper wing

For painting the wings, first paint them in a lighter color, then mask the ribs traces, paint around the masks with the normal color, unmask and then you can dim the effect by spraying the original color if needed. 

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Photos and text by Laurent 'angus' Beauvais