1/48 Revell CF-101 Voodoo

Gallery Article by Shawn “phantom” Weiler on Oct 19 2018



This Voodoo represent the very first delivered to the RCAF back when silly people took away our Arrows. Had to fly something, so used unwanted Voodoos became our Norad committment.  When delivered the number 17101 was applied. For some strange reason the Air Force later decided to use the USAF last three of the original tail numbers. Hence 17101 became 17410.

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Oddly enough I built 17410 back in 2007, so they are displayed together. 17410 (101) was traded back to the USAF and rebuilt into a RF-101. It was later stored then scrapped around 1980.

Some of the other photos include “all” my Voodoos together then, one sitting on the CF-101 Voodoo ejection seat I just happen to have in my basement…….What? You don’t have an ejection seat? What kind of modeller does not have a easy chair ejection seat?


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Photos and text © by Shawn “phantom” Weiler