1/72 Tamiya Henschel Hs-129B-2

Gallery Article by Bob TheDoc on Oct 10 2018



The Henschel Hs-129B-2 was a heavily armoured tank-killer, used mainly on the Eastern Front against Soviet armour.  This is the Tamiya rebox of the Italeri kit.

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The kit is fairly simple in construction, and goes together fairly well. I built it completely OOB. The interior is pretty sparse, but since the glazed area is very small, nothing is really visible.

The camouflage scheme is one of those as per box instructions. It was quite difficult to mask, as I had to do the white first - I use acrylics, and white doesn't really go well on top of darker colours. It all worked out in the end though, and I quite like it. 

Painted using Vallejo Model Color.

Bob TheDoc

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Photos and text by Bob TheDoc