1/32 ICM Bücker 131

Gallery Article by Jens Gerber on Oct 2 2018



ICM has launched a beautiful Bücker 131 on the market and I could not resist.

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The kit is very well made, some ridge on the parts, a slight shape offset, but yet to master everything as extras I exchanged the exhausts for cannulae with 1.2 mm diameter.  The rigging is made of fishing line 0.3, the turnbuckles are cut from a brass tube with 0.9 outside.  The straps are from Eduard.  The colors are RLM 70/71 by Gunze Hobby Color the RLM 65 from Model Master.  Spatula was required only at the nasal edges of the surfaces, otherwise a model to my taste and only completed in 2 days.  

Shown is the Bücker 131 as a connecting machine of the NJG 1 after a repair in Rangsdorf, necessary by shelling damage ca October 1943.

This speaks for the quality of ICM

Greetings from Germany

Jens Gerber

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Photos and text © by Jens Gerber