1/48 Academy MiG-21 BIS

Gallery Article by Murli Rajan on Aug 15 2018

India Independence Day



Mig-21 is the mainstay of the Indian Air Force and for a while now, slowly being replaced by more modern jets. But it will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of most airmen in the Indian Air Force and the nation at large.

This Academy kit is boxed as a MF but is a BIS actually. The build went easy as the kit did not have any fit issues. The cockpit was not that detailed but I did a little bit of scratch to make it look busy. And a spare Eduard Bis kit ejection seat was added to the model. 

I decided to go with the scheme of Tactics and Air Combat Development Establishment or TACDE. It is an Indian Air Force unit for training aerial combat to its top one percent fighter pilots. The institution evolves tactical procedures for various aircraft, implements standard operating procedures and trains pilots in operational doctrines. 

I had only a faded black and white picture as a reference. It would be fair to say the red shade was a bit of a guess. But I am sure it was red and white combination. 

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The colors used to paint the model are mix and match, Life color paints were used, And the TACDE logo and serial numbers are self made decals. And roundels and fin flash are Bright spark. 

This build is part of a group build of 'Indian Scale modellers' group. 

And wishing all Indians Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind!

Murli Rajan

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Photos and text by Murli Rajan