1/48 Fujimi TA-4F and A4-E

Gallery Article by Duncan on Aug 17 2018



Hello all, here I show you my Fujimi scooters, a rebuild of the ones I got from my uncle 40 years ago. He builds models very skilled and I was fascinated as a youngster when I visited him occasionally. I arrived home with 2 beautiful Skyhawks. I placed them my bedside table and I admired his handpainting qualities. He left the underside unpainted, the plastic was white.

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Later I gave the A-4E to my best friend back then. I kept the TA-4 myself. Unfortunately I lost the model while we moved to another place. I always missed my dual seater and decided to build them again. I looked for the white sprue versions and got them from ebay. My skill now could match the ones I had. Instead of handpainting, I airbrushed, ah-ah! 

Herman, my uncle's name, build them in a week time..well, me for weeks. Both kits suffered from brittle plastic, parts lost, decals cracked, stepped on the A-4E canopy.all turned into a big disaster! VMFA314Knights send me the decal parts I had to use and all turned to a happy end! I showed the pictures to my uncle, he loved them but couldn't remember them, I do! Though a very basic and simple kit but it was 1978...Skyhawks are the best!


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Photos and text by Duncan