1/48 Monogram B-17G

Gallery Article by Mike Krahn on July 11 2018



This is my 1/48 scale Monogram/Revell B-17G I built several years ago. I converted this kit to a late model "G" using a Cheyenne tail turret conversion kit, the manufacturer of which I cannot remember. I scratch built the staggered waist gunners positions. I decided to fully detail the interior, which, once the fuselage was sealed up, I cannot see any of that work (lesson learned here is to balance the amount of work with the ability to see that work). I drilled out all of the machine gun barrels and added stretch sprue antenna wire.

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I covered this model with Aluminum foil (my first attempt with a large kit) and used Pyn Up decals. The decal set I used was bad and began fracturing once wet. I had begun with the red squares on the vertical stabilizer and had to discard them. I resorted to painting the squares. I applied Microscale Liquid Decal Film to the remaining decals to save them, which made them very thick and they did not lay down well.

All in all, it was a fun project and I tried some different techniques which I have since used on other models.

Mike Krahn

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Photos and text by Mike Krahn