1/48 Revell/ICM Beech 18D

Gallery Article by Jim Court on May 30 2018



Awhile back I sent along some pics of CF-HZA, a Twin Beech on floats I built for my friend, aviation author Bob Cameron. Rich Hulina of Slate Falls Airways saw that one and wanted one of his own, so here's a few pics of the finished product.

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The kit is the Revell/ICM 1:48 Beech C-45, modified to a Beech 18D by the addition of the longer nacelles and wing root fillets. The fillets and nacelles are available from Mike Belcher. The floats are from the Hobbycraft Otter modified to Edo 7850's by adding a plug. The float hardware and ventral fin are scratchbuilt, as is the bush interior. On this one I cut away the flaps and dropped them to the takeoff position. 

Decals are from J-Bot.

Jim Court

Photos and text by Jim Court