1/16 Fador 1909 EMF 3 in 1

Gallery Article by Phil (flip marchese) Marchese on May 18 2018



The Fador company of New York competed in the 1:16 brass age, antique car kit market in the late 40's and early '50s. Typical of the era, the kits were balsa, cardboard and white metal. I used the plans and photos of the real car to build a plastic version out of Evergreen products and some Hudson Miniature accessories. Hudson Miniature had a large line of kits and was considered the market leader. 

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I redesigned the fenders and seats to look more like the those in the photos of the real car. Of course, stretched sprue was one of my favorite choices for details not provided in the kit. The robe rail on the seat back is an example. I enjoyed building a model from a kit that dates back to about the time I was born. It was a trip back in time. 

Enjoy the photos.

Phil Marchese

Photos and text by Phil Marchese