1/48 Revell/ICM Beech 18

Gallery Article by Jim Court on Mar 15 2018



Here's a few of pics of the Beech 18 I built for Bob Cameron in Whitehorse. The model is the Revell/ICM kit of the C-45F in 1:48 scale. I modified it to a Beech 18D by adding the resin wing fillets and the long nacelle offerings from Belcher Bits. 

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The floats are the Edo 7170's from the Hobbycraft 1:48 Otter, modified to Edo 7850's by the addition of an 18 scale inch plug in front of the step. The float struts, props and water rudders are scratchbuilt, and although you can't see it, there's a full bush interior in there. To install the interior I sawed the cabin roof off just above the window line, installed the interior and glued the roof back on. 

Decals are from J-Bot. There's another Beech on floats on the workbench, CF-TBH in Kay Air colours.

Jim Court

Photos and text by Jim Court