1/72 Revell F-16B (2x)

Gallery Article by Patrick Vossenberg on Feb 27 2018



Both of these kits are the well-known Revell F-16B in 1/72. Construction is very easy with good fit overall - just a bit of filler was needed around the intakes. The level of detail is pretty good out of the box: I only added a few sidewall details in the cockpit and some scratch-built details in the wheel wells and on the unloaded pylons. Aires resin seats were used for the Belgian viper, the Jordanian one has the kit's ejection seats installed with only some PE lap seat belts added.

The Block 15 Belgian AF aircraft is finished in typical training configuration flying from Florennes AB, timeframe around 2004. I used the kit's decals for this one, practice sidewinders are also from the kit.

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The Jordanian AF aircraft is ex-The Netherlands AF (hence the extended parachute housing on the tail), purchased under the Peace Falcon program around 2009. As this is a Block 20 MLU version, it has the IFF 'bird slicer' antennae in place. Relevant missiles, appropriate LAU-129 launchers and practice GBU-10's are from the spares box. National insignia are from the nice Zotz' "Roundels of the world" series, the numbering is from spare decals.

Both kits are finished in the standard 3-tone camouflage scheme, using Humbrol enamels as a basis. Alclad shades were used for the exhaust areas. For weathering, I followed the typical sequence of color fading, panel line washes and oil spot washes.

Enjoy the pics!

Patrick Vossenberg

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Photos and text by Patrick Vossenberg