1/48 Promodeler Ju-88 C-6

Gallery Article by Federico Kunz on Feb 16 2018



After having this kit many years ago on the shelf, I decided to tackle it. I did have some previous experience with this one by building the Ju-88 A-4 kit from the same brand. It is clear that it is a Dragon reboxing; quite noticeable starting from the plastic texture & some parts I did see in the Ju-188 kit that I still have waiting to be built.

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Generally, I would say that it is a very good kit. The fuselage have two main components: the cockpit area & the rest of it. Obviously, has to do with the fact that the kit is meant to be issued for different Ju's versions. This joint is key to have either a nice experience or hell itself. The rest went straight forward. 

For this version, keep the antennas to the end. Additionally, the cannons which came already moulded (thanks), they suffered some damage along the way; I did have to re-work some of them at the end.

I did want to avoid the typical "blue-and-spots" of Nachtjäger. An interesting one for a change. I have no idea of its accuracy, though. 

Overall, a very nice experience. A kit with the right amount of parts & a very good chance to see some detail through a generous glass canopy. At the end, the antennas may have been benefited with some PE parts; but I simply could not find a set for it. Hope you enjoy the picks, & greetings from Mexico City's Metropol Area!

Federico Kunz

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Photos and text © by Federico Kunz