1/72 HobbyBoss Messerschmitt Me 262 Racer

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Feb 6 2018



After I saw the conversion from Airmodel Products which allows to build the Me 262 V9 in 1:72 ( http://www.airmodel.de/product_info.php?language=en&info=p352_me-262-v-9--mit--rennkabine--umbausatz--1-72.html& ) I had the idea to make a fictional racer out of a Me 262.

The conversion is recommended for the Revell-kit, but I used the Me 262 A-1a from HobbyBoss.

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The HobbyBoss-kit is relatively simple and good for beginners, but has a nice detailed surface. The decal sheet coming with the kit looks also very good and shows a lot of markings. Inside the cockpit I added a pilot figure and the stick. Behind the cockpit I placed a plastic block including a tube out of silicone to fit the display, later.

It was no problem to adapt the deepdrawn canopy from Airmodel Products, also the horizontal stabilizer out of resin, which comes with the conversion, matches well.

Typical for a racer I shortened the wingspan and built winglets from scratch.

I used a 3-side-view to create the painting. I printed the flashes and markings on transparent decal-foil. I painted the model overall in white before I attached the decals. After that I painted the silver. When the silver was dried, I attached a second layer of decals. Finally I sprayed shiny, clear varnish over it.

I called it "Geölter Blitz", which means "Oiled flash". It´s a German, humorously expression for s.th. very fast.

I enjoyed very much making this fictional model, it shows that our great hobby knows no limits!

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt