1/72 Revell RMAF Airbus A-400M

Gallery Article by Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan on Feb 2 2018



This is the A-400M from the Revell 1/72 scale production. In 2015 the Royal Malaysian Air force purchased four of these huge bird for military transportation and miscellanous purposes. 

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The building part was a standard text book process with minor problems in terms of fittings and gaps. The most critical part was the fitting at the main canopy edge with was dealt using mr.surface and deluxe putty. The whole plane was air brushed in C335 Mr.Color grey with few additional touch ups and panel lining using 0.05 mechanical pen (Black). The decals were than added to replicate the RMAF scheme with general decals also applied using the Revell's main decal sheet. Overall the size and massiveness of this A-400M kit is a must have model which would make any aviation enthusiast feel satisfied to own one. 

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Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan

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Photos and text by Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan