1/48 Eduard P-39 N or Q 

Gallery Article by Angus on Jan 26 2018



G.C. 1 / 4 Navarre, 1944

Here is a very classic subject: the P-39 in French Air Force. I added to the kit a Verlinden Kit including the engine and the armament. Well, this kit is rather incorrect: the engine width is much too small and you have to find by yourself how to mount the armament. At the beginning I wanted to make something relax, it was not and the result is not really what I wanted.

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Picture 01: The first thing to do is to cut the fuselage to allow to insert the Verlinden kit. You have to recreate the panels as the verlinden kit is not at the right size

Picture 02: the dashboard with some added features

Picture 03: The Verlinden Engine is not wide enough at all

Picture 04: So I had to cut it in 2 and enlarge it.

Picture 05 and 06: cockpit detailing

Picture 07: On going work on the panels.

Picture 08: On going finishing

Picture 09: some details to be added on the left side of the engine

Picture 10 and 11: Well, a bit crazy, but I did create one by one every single canon ammunition, the Verlinden kit did not please me.

Picture 13: The way to mount the guns is very hard to find, tests, patience

Picture 14 and 15: The landing gear bay are much too simple, some work is to be added

Picture 18: Here is a famous photo that I did work on to find how the painting should be. First of all, the blue paint on the tail looks particularly eroded. Yellow arrow: I decided that the propeller pan was not red but blue. Orange arrow: this looks like a P"-Q, not N. Unfortunately I did forget to add these details on my kit, too bad. Orange arrow: strange trace. 

This is where I'm not happy with my kit, the final paint, even if it looks dirty, does not look as dirty. Of course we could discuss a long time about the truth of this kind of picture.

Picture 19: First I did paint in Olive drab. I think I should have added some white. Then I did use white pastel powder.

Picture 20: Then I did brush the same color with some white

Picture 21: Then I did just scrub

Picture 22: And again some olive drab brushing to soft the effect.

And this is the final result. As for me the paint looks too much regular


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Photos and text by Angus