1/72 Academy F-16A

Gallery Article by Victor Rene Carlos on Jan 17 2018



Good day Everyone, here's my F-16A from Academy. The color scheme is from the Israel Air Force. Base kit is an early release F-16A by Academy plus the Hasegawa weapons set III and the bombs from an A-10 by Academy.

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This is my rendition of the legendary Netz 107, hailed as the most decorated F-16 of all time, with 6.5 kills plus the strike on the Osiris nuclear plant.

The weapons loadout is the very first strike mission of the aircraft, dubbed "Operation Opera" hence the missing killmarks on the nose. The loadout are 2 370 Gal drop tanks, a belly tank, 2 Mk II GP bombs and 2 AIM9L on the wingtips. 

The Academy kit has no decals for the IAF, so I sourced out decals from a Hobby Boss cobra kit.

Everything is hand painted, from start to finish. I pose this as a challenge to myself since this is my 2nd time to hand paint a camo. The paint for camo is from Tamiya Acrylics - Sky, Buff and JSDF Brown. Slightly weathered using Tamiya panel line, and Tamiya weathering master.

Lots of things to improve, but I guess this is a part of the learning curve. Have to work on my photography next.

Victor Rene Carlos

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Photos and text by Victor Rene Carlos