1/48 Great Wall Hobby MiG-29SMT

Gallery Article by Gil Costa on Jan 12 2018



This is the Great Wall Hobby Mig-29SMT in 1/48 scale. Mostly "out of box" with the only additions being a "Master" pitot tube and a small amount of wiring and plumbing in the cockpit and landing gear wells. 

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Model was finished with AKAN paints and weathered with oil paint, pastels, and washes. I was looking for the well worn look I had seen in some reference photos. 

The model itself creates a great rendition but isn't without some fit problems, particularly below where the engine covers attach to the underside of the fuselage. Also, the landing gear attachments are weak and broke on the way to 2 different shows. All is repaired though. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Gil Costa

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Photos and text by Gil Costa