1/72 Lippisch P.01-117

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Jan 9 2018



The Lippisch P.01-117 was a rocket fighter project from 1941, which was never realized. A rocket engine HWK should be the propulsion for it. It was planned to arm it with six 20 mm-cannons (MG 151/20), which were placed around the cockpit.

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I built the model from scratch and used views I found in the internet. I designed the fuselage on CAD and gave the file to my friend Markus, who printed it for me on his 3D printer.  The surface of the fuselage from the 3D printer is a bit rough, so it was necessary to cover it with filler and sandpaper it.

The vertical stabilizer and the wings I made out of a 4 mm plastic plate.  The pilot comes from another kit.  The model was painted with brush. The decals come from other kits and from extra sheets.

Finally I sprayed flat varnish over it.

I'm happy to have this unique shaped fighter in my collection and enjoyed making the model.

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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