1/72 Italeri Lockheed F-104A

Gallery Article by Murli Rajan on Dec 16 2017

  Indian Victory Day 



The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter is a single engined, Supersonic Interceptor Aircraft, which later was also used as an attack aircraft. 

Pakistan was the first non NATO country to equip with the F-104 Starfighter, The F-104 A & B were provided to Pakistan Air Force under the US Mutual defense assistance programme. inducted in 1961 it retired in 1972 due to lack of spares forced a early retirement. 

The first direct air to air combat engagement between the F-104 and the MiG-21 took place during the Indo-Pak war of 71. Indian Air Force MiG-21 shot down 4 Pakistan Air Force F-104 Starfighters without sustaining any losses. The first loss occurred on December 12,1971 when Indian Air Force MiG-21 FL of No.47 Squadron shot down a PAF F-104 flown by Wing Commander Mervyn Middlecoat or the Gulf of Kutch. The next three PAF F-104 were all shot down five days later on December 17,1971, 2 by MiG-21Fl's of 29th Squadron over Uttarlai, Rajasthan. and the third by same squadron on the same day. 

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The kit by Italeri is pretty decent. The details were good and so was the fit. I have used Alclad and AK Interactive paints. 

The kit did not have Pakistani Decals but was provided by my friend Ratish. 

This Build was part of a group build at Indian Scale Modellers (FaceBook) to celebrate Vijay Divas (Victory Day), Vijay Divas is commemorated every 16th December in India as it marks it military victory over Pakistan in 1971.

JaI Hind !

Murli Rajan

Photos and text by Murli Rajan