1/72 Bird Models Lippisch P.01-115

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Dec 8 2017



The Lippisch P.01-115 was one of many projects by the team of Alexander Lippisch on the way to the Me 163 Komet. The design was from 1941. It was planned to install a jet engine and a rocket engine in the tail section. The intake should have been on the upper side of the fuselage. It was planned to arm it with two MG 151 in the front fuselage.

I had to make some modifications to get my model closer to the existing drawings: I built new wing roots, made a new skid and a new fin. I also gave some details to the cockpit and deep-drew a new canopy. The nose is a bit shorter and more stubby.

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For the painting I used a sponge and brush. The decals come from other kits and from Peddinghaus.  The model is sealed with clear, flat varnish.

The landing gear comes not with the kit. I made it from parts which were left from other kits.

With all the modifications I have a very unique model now, completing my "Lippisch-project-fighter-collection".

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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