1/48 Revell Wessex Queen's Flight

Gallery Article by Emre Tuzun on Dec 8 2017



This is the Revell's 1/48 Wessex Queen's Flight.  To be honest, not much to say.  Having seen the original one Colindale RAF Museum, I decided to build one.

Phase one was being patient and searching on Ebay.  Took a while but managed to procure one from

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Contrary to my expectations, the kit is of poor quality. Too many lacking details and parts is the main problem. This is pretty much a red Wessex, the Queen would not fly with this;)

However, the biggest problem was the engine intake grill which has never been produced for this kit. So, I had steal my wife's tea colander and improvise it!!

I faced some additional problems of quality but to be honest this is an old kit. Even the decal sheet says that "made in West Germany, 1989"!!!!

Despite all the cons, a shiny colorful piece of art and history!!!

Emre Tuzun

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Photos and text by Emre Tuzun