1/48 Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.2

Gallery Article by Sean Langley on Nov 21 2017



Pigsty here again. I've spent the last few months carving some filler into the shape of a Buccaneer, and here's the result. It's in the short-lived markings of 800 Sqn Fleet Air Arm, just before their Buccaneers were painted overall dark grey, and before the Mk.2 Buccaneer split into all those different versions.

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There's a lot wrong with Airfix's kit, mainly the way it fits. It doesn't. But there are many good points too, and with some effort it comes out reasonably well. I've included some pictures of the pre-paint stages to give some idea of how extensive the filling was on mine. The white arc behind the nosegear well is where I had to cut off the front end of the bottom half and push it forward with a slab of plastic card.

Extras: the AGM-12Bs are from a Hasegawa weapons set. NeOmega supplied the cockpit, and Master the pitot and the tip of the refuelling probe. The cockpit is well detailed as ever, but the side panels don't really fit. That's one reason the canopy is where it is. The other is that it's the only place where it fits.

Still, what doesn't kill us only makes us sit in a corner and weep, eh.

Sean Langley

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Photos and text by Sean Langley