1/72 Sword Lockheed T2V-1 SeaStar

Gallery Article by Bob Leonard on Nov 10 2017



This is the Sword 1/72 T2V-1 SeaStar US Navy trainer.  One hundred and fifty of this version of the Lockheed T-33 were used to train new pilots to land on American aircraft carriers in the 1950s and 1960s.  Sword makes short run kits we are unlikely to ever see from Tamiya, Hasegawa or Revell.  The SeaStar has a great outline, acceptable fit, resin components, and photo-etched details.  I used the kit decals with the exception of the US national insignia.  I felt the blue was too dark, almost black.  I used 30 year old SuperScale stars and bars that went on without a hitch.  The kit decals are thin and like to fold, so ensure you have PLENTY of water in the location you want the decal to land.  Paint is Tamiya acrylic white and black with enamel Xtracolour International Orange.  Tires are Testors Rubber.  

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Some filler was needed here and there and the fit of the cockpit and the landing gear bays takes a lot of test fitting. The decals are printed with white portions around the lettering and national insignia. They are translucent over the International Orange, so I chose to paint those portions white. It is really not unique to Sword decals. I've never seen white decal cover the underlying color well. Hence, hours of "enjoyable" masking fun awaits you when building the US Navy trainer scheme. I enjoy Sword kits. They make interesting models and I have already purchased the Gannet AEW and plan on getting some of their upcoming US Navy North American Fury kits. 

The last photo shows the difference between the blue SuperScale national insignia l used and the almost black decals provided by Sword.

Bob Leonard

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Photos and text by Bob Leonard