1/24 Hawker Typhoon MkIb MN666 'C G'

Gallery Article by Richard Spreckley on Sept 12 2017



This has to be one of the all time ultimate kits that any scale aircraft modeller should have a go at. It's beautifully engineered and the scope for super detailing is endless.

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This 1:24 scale kit is worth every penny, on this build the only extras were a Eduard PE cockpit, YAHU instrument panel and resin weighted wheels.

I wanted to do the detailed work Airfix have put into this kit justices so I opened a couple of extra panels on the starboard side to show off the model, only adding a few extra control wires to enhance the detail. Otherwise it is straight out of the the box. 

I used my favourite Vallejo air paints which behaved flawlessly for me and for the first time ever I applied monte masks for the markings as at this scale I don't honk standard decals would do it justice. Typhoons were the tank of the skies and we're well weathered. Again for the first time ever I used applied chipping medium over layer of paint to get the effect on the leading edges and in other highly worn areas. Final weathering was achieved using Tamiya pigments applied and a dark wash from Vallejo.

To finish the model off I used a base with a cut off from coastal kits and applied standard modelling grass to the rest. I was honoured to have the information plaque signed by three WWII Typhoon combat pilots which makes this a bit special.

I cannot wait to start the next one for sure!

Richard Spreckley

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Photos and text by Richard Spreckley