1/32 Revell F-4F

Gallery Article by Emre Tuzun on Sept 11 2017



F-4F Jabo G35 20 Jahre Special

This is the Revellís 1/32 F-4F in my favorite pattern, Norm 72, with the 20th year special markings of the Jabo35.

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Due to the humongous size of the kit (60+ cm.), I wanted to put some extra money (which ended up more than the kit price consequently) and tried to replicate the original beauty as much as I could within my talent. 

So, I used the Quick Boost resin seats, Master metal pitot tube and AirDocís crisp and beautifully printed decals.

It is such a pity that I did not purchase AirDocís stencil set. Lesson learned, and I would highly recommend putting some more extra money when dealing with a large scale kit, particularly when building a special livery like this!!

The project started in July 2016 and phinalized in April 2017, thanks to my busy schedule of being an active Army officer and a 1.5-year old super active baby boy:)))

Not surprisingly, most challenging and time consuming part was the masking, painting, re-masking and squaring away the German flag. Not the best one for sure, but at least I tried my best. I applied pre and post-shading and weathered the main fuel tank by black-basing.

Since I do love the former West German special liveries on F-104s and Phantoms accompanied with Norm 72 pattern, I am afraid that in the future Iíll be losing some more money, time and nerves on the Luftwaffe.

Emre Tuzun

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