1/48 Fujimi Alouette III Chetak Indian Air Force

Gallery Article by Aamod Potdar on Aug 15 2017

India Independence Day



I had picked this kit a few years back as part of a sale on a online hobby site knowing it might not be close to IAF variant. As it is with all the kits, making an Indian variant is never easy. This is basically Tokyo Fire Department variant which comes in red sprue. Luckily thanks to an excellent knowledge base of my few modelers from Indian Scale Modelers group I was able to get close to Indian Air Force Variant. 

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The aircraft I chose to replicate was once used for flight testing and hence had additional pitots and antennaes. So I had to scratch built pitots, antennaes, anti collision lights, slip skip indicator and some modifications on the rotor section. There was time I was losing patience with amount of modifications had to make but I was determined to make it close as to real aircraft. It took me close to 2.5 months to finish the aircraft but it was worth it.

Paints used are locally available Camlin acrylic colors which were air brushed. Green tinted glass using water soluble glass colors from Fevicryl brand. IAF roundels and fin flash are from BrightSpark and Indian Air Force lettering are custom printed decals on Inkjet paper. 

Wishing all Indian Independence Day. Jai Hind.

Aamod Potdar

Photos and text by Aamod Potdar