1/72 Horten X - 1946

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on June 29 2017



A certain time ago I made a sketch of an interceptor which could have been a design of the Horten-brothers. So I called it Horten X - 1946. Under the name Horten X some designs of interceptors which should have been smaller than the Horten IX exist.

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Bird models offers a kit named "Horten X Kampfjäger", which is basically a Horten IX with a single engine on the lower side. This kit is the base of my model. I shortened the wings and the fuselage. The canopy was made out of a deep drawn transparent plastic sheet. The tool therefore I made out of balsa wood. I modified a pilot figure in lying position. The details were made out of heated and long drawn-out sprues.

The engine from the kit was too large for my project, so I had to build a new one from scratch. It´s also made from deep drawn parts. It includes a block out of rubber in which the rod of the display is fitted later. The compressor wheel in the front is a printed decal. The nozzle is made out of an aluminium tube.

I painted the interceptor with brush. After the decals (most from Peddinghaus - Me 163) were attached, I sealed the fictional wing with silk varnish.

The Horten X - 1946 brings a new shape into my collection and made a lot of fun to build. 

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt