Gallery Article by Paul S Teixeira on Feb 21 2017



Always enjoyed the look of the Israel KFIR fighter jet but never had an opportunity to build one until this one came along made my a new company, AMK. I believe this is AMK's 1st model kit release and it was a real jewel. I look forward to other kits from this new model company.

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This kit had extras added to enhance the details including cockpit detail made of resin and photo-etch. The paint job was a challenge due to all the colors needed to complete the 3 tone camouflage scheme. I used sticky strips to mask and outline the different colors while allowing for a soft edge demarcation between colors. 

I was very satisfied with the outcome and went to town beating up the finish to replicate a well worn, battle tested IDF battle jet. 

Hope you enjoy.

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Paul S Teixeira

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Photos and text by Paul S Teixeira