Klingon, Bird of Prey

Gallery Article by Shawn “phantom” Weiler on Feb 16 2017



To go along with my recently finished NX-01 Enterprise I give to you the Bad guys ship of the Star Trek universe. A Klingon bird of Prey.

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This kit is simplicity in a box. Went together in just a couple hours. The paint and extreme weathering is the only issue. Well that and the really weak display stand that can only hold the weight of the kit if luck is on its side. Dang ship fell of the shelf after I took the photos. Lucky it was an easy repair job.

Now, I “think” the scale is in the 1/600 range. But it looks about right beside my rebuilt 1/350 NCC-1701 Enterprise.


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Photos and text © by Shawn “phantom” Weiler