1/72 Academy A-10 Thunderbolt

Gallery Article by Victor Rene Carlos on Feb 8 2017



This is my first kit, so there is a lot of room for improvement. Paint scheme is based on the 23rd wing 2003 "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Each part fits well, you have the option to build it with the wheel wells open or closed and the canopy closed or open. The best part of the kit is the weapons! You can go on a ground support or on a bombing mission. I think I overdid it by placing all options. Just can't resist it.

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Everything is hand painted using Tamiya acrylics, panel lined using Tamiya enamel, slightly weathered using Tamiya weathering master and finally top coated using Mr Hobby. 

Hoping for your comments and I'll improve on my work. Thanks.

Victor Rene Carlos

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Photos and text by Victor Rene Carlos