1/72 Hasegawa Mitsubishi F-15DJ Aggressor

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles Goddett on Feb 7 2017



This model is the Hasegawa 1/72 Japan Air Self Defence Force F-15DJ from a brand new limited edition box number 02203. I decided to show this bird with an attractive paint scheme from Hiko Kyodogun dedicated aggressor squadron based at Nyutabaru AB in 2015. This squadron is very well known by military plane aviation enthusiasts for is cobra badge and colourful camo. It moved in Komatsu AB in June 2016. This special scheme represents bird serial 32-8081 F-15DJ (dual cockpit version) Boeing manufactured under license by Mitsubishi in Japan in mid eighties. I used the decal sheet from the box, decals are very accurate (tiger stripes, badges, hinomarus, and all small markings) and easy to fit except tiger stripes needed a lot of attention. I followed HASEGAWA instructions regarding colors, grey Gunze acrylic FS36375 H308 lower and upper surfaces and grey Gunze acrylic FS36320 H307 marks on upper wings, air intake edges, air brake, vertical fins, canopy and nose. This camouflage is standard for USAF & JASDF air defence F-15. JASDF aggressor squadron often add exotic camouflage on the standard. Stripes on this F-15 try to simulate some Russian Su-27/30/35 family winter camo seen in airshows on demo Sukhoï birds. The engines are painted gun metal for external exhaust and metallic silver for lower maintenance doors, flat white for ceramic inside engines exit.

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I built the bird with one centerline external fuel tank, and empty pylons for air air missiles under each wings. It is a typical load for basic air air adversary training, they often use air air IR training missiles. I also show the canopy open, the cockpit is from the box with no resin part addition. It was a pleasure to build a so attractive and decorated plane. I like this squadron there is no camo plane same as the other.

 I hope you will enjoy my model and pictures.

"Be careful of Cobra's bite venom" 

Jean-Charles Goddett

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Photos and text © by Jean-Charles Goddett