1/32 Revell SE.3130 Alouette II –Bundesgrenzschutz-

Gallery Article by Gerd Wilcken on Jan 31 2017



Three years after the 1951 founding of the West German Federal Border Guard (Bundesgrenzschutz “BGS”) the first helicopters were acquired. 1963 the BGS – Squadron Coastal Command- near the coastal HQ in Bad Bramstedt in northern Germany became part of the BGS aircraft group. They were first equipped with Bell 47G-4A. A few years later the French build Sud Aviation SE.3130 Alouette II starts service. They were exchanged for the SA 318C in the middle of the 80s. After the reunification of Germany the “BGS-Fliegerstaffel Küste” was renamed as "Bundespolizei-Fliegerstaffel Fuhlendorf (German Federal Police) and continues to exist as such.

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The last picture shows me in the early 80s on the left seat, prior to one of our nearly daily reconnaissance flights along the former Border to East Germany. It was made at the Lübeck-Blankensee airport. As an intelligence officer, I spend countless hours in these fragile little birds. 

Now I`m still some years in retirement and a friend asked me to build a model of the Alouette II for him. He owns a Revell Kit of the SA.3130. This Kit is already a few years old and so it was a challenge to transform it into a presentable model.

Following some of my own pictures I had to change a few things to transform the military Alouette II it into a police helicopter. The big front antenna system – also used on the German Army Alouette – was not used. The front cockpit panel was a little bit wider for some extra instruments and the radio equipment was between the front seats. Especially the big FuG 7a to communicate with the BGS ground border patrols. 

The net cover of the engine intake comes from a Christmas present ribbon. Finally a few engine cables and the typical antenna at the underside of the cockpit was added. You clearly can see it on the original picture. Note the Halon fire extinguisher inside the cockpit.

The original BGS-color was Schwarzgrün (blackgreen) RAL 6012, gloss. I mixed it from KREUL Acylic “Tannengrün” and gloss black. The hole helicopter was sealed with Future

Fortunately, the German model company
www.df-helostuff.de had the right decals for my kit. They are very thin and comes on a through decal sheet. Therefore these decals are designed for the late SA-318 C, I`m very pleased the company owner sent me the old squadron badge and the correct call sign on request. The leader of the Fuhlendorf squadron technical unit told me the right call sign. Thanks to all!!

For its real age already a kit with many fine details. With the good building instructions and a little bit of experience you can build a real nice oldie.

Gerd Wilcken

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Photos and text © by Gerd Wilcken