1/144 Trumpeter IL-78, Su-30 & Revell Rafale

Gallery Article by Murli Rajan on Jan 26 2017

India Republic Day



The build started with a inspiring picture of Indian Air Force Su-30MKI's being refuelled by an IAF IL-78MKI. I knew then I had to make a diorama of the same. 

The search for appropriate kits lead to Trumpeters 1:144 IL-78 & Su30.  Both required a fair bit of modifications to bring it to Indian Air Force Spec. 

Having picked the IL-78 kit from a online hobby shop.  The Su-30 kit was gifted to me by a dear friend Amrith. 

Both the kits being relatively new releases from Trumpeter the details are decent and had very few fit issues. 

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Let me start with the IL-78 the modifications included scratch building of the Israeli refuelling pods. I started with a thick sprue from another kit, attached it to a drill machine and shaped it down using files and sand paper.  The pylons used from the kit itself.  The refuelling pipe and drogue were scratch built using a electrical wire and conical shaped piece of plastic from the spares bin. 

The Su-30 kit work began with the canards and shoulder shaped out of sheet polystyrene and loads of putty.  The refuelling probe fashioned out of a landing gear. 

I also thought of adding a Brahmos Missile to the Su-30 this was made by using part of a Ballpoint pen refill.  Finds from 48 scale assorted Missile fins and missile head came from drop tank in 72 scale. 

Decals were self made using a laser printer and decal sheet.  IAF roundels and fin flash are bright spark decals.

The third aircraft in the diorama is a Revell Rafale built OOB with just the IAF roundel and finflash added. 

Here's wishing every one a Happy Indian Republic Day "Jai Hind"

Murli Rajan

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Photos and text by Murli Rajan