1/72 Bird Models Lippisch Nightfighter

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Dec 22 2016



Bird Models offers a kit named "Lippisch Deltajäger" (Deltafighter) basing on a sized up Lippisch P.13a, powered with a single jetengine. I liked the idea to show a fictional fighter in the P.13a-design powered with a gas turbine instead the ramjet. When I started thinking about the project, I came to the conclusion that only one engine would not be powerful enough for a delta fighter in this size (the Bird Models "Deltajäger" is about 30% larger than the P.13a in 1/72). The delta wing has the disadvantage that it causes a lot of air resistance at a high angle of attack. That means that you can´t use it for dogfights with the relatively weak and slow accelerating jet engines, which were available at the end of the war. So I thought a good role for a plane in this unique configuration would be an interceptor as a nightfighter.

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Because of its size I made a two seater out of it.

Intake, rear fuselage and the trailing edges were made from scratch. The canopy is a deepdrawn part, I made by myself. Parts for the new nose section are deepdrawn, too. Therefore I built moulds out of wood. Instrument panels, guns, antenna and pitot tube were added. The pilots came from other kits. 

Above the nozzles I installed a rocket engine to accelerate during take off faster. This was made out of a plastic tube (Ø 2 mm).

The model was painted by brush, the decals were left from other kits. Finally I sprayed silk varnish over it.

I enjoyed making this "what-if". It´s a fictional addition to my other Lippisch-delta wings. The kit comes with a picture of the finished model as it can be built without modifications. I took a picture to compare it to my reworked version.

Best wishes!

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt