1/35 Dodge WC51

Gallery Article by Stephen A. Carr on Nov 9 2016



Little and large. Dodge WC51 in 1/35 and 1/1 scale, both bought in 2010. I built the model before buying the real thing; an August 1944 Dodge WC51 Weapon Carrier. Converting the model involved replacing the canvas rear body with a copy of the wooden version, push moulding a clear astrodome, and making a paper flag and windsock.

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Since getting the real thing, I've fitted original aircraft radios, flares and pyro pistol, weather instruments and signal lamps. I don't have the heart to pull the model to bits to convert it to match!

The top photo shows the Jeep and Dodge models together. As yet, I haven't got around to modelling my second Jeep, a 1943 Ford GPW.

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Photos and text by Stephen A. Carr