1/72 Italeri HESA Saeqeh IRIAF

Gallery Article by Edwin Alvarado on Aug 18 2016



Here you have the exotic HESA Saeqeh from the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF), basically it's an F-5E with twin tails and improved avionics, currently in active service in training, CAS, ground attack and point defence fighter missions.

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The Base kit it's the well known Italeri F-5E in 1/72, the main change the model suffered was the change to the twin tail configuration. I used plastic card sheets to make the 2 tails, which are the same size as the original one, the seat was replaced with a metal seat resembling the Martin Baker IRQ7A.  The paints used were all Model Master, in particular I used a mix of British Armor Sand with Radome Tan and Sand for the yellow sand, green used was Medium Field Green, the brown used was Brown Special, and for the underside I used Camouflage Gray.

The main weapons Are AIM-9P Sidewinders taken from the Hasegawa F-20, and the boarding ladder that came from the F-20 kit as well.  This model is part of my personal IRIAF collection that it's starting to grow!

Edwin Alvarado

Photos and text by Edwin Alvarado