1/144 Dragon S-70B Seahawk

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Aug 9 2016

Singapore National Day



1/144 Dragon SH-60F modified to S-70B Seahawk

The original kit was a twin kit SH-60F from Dragon. The parts fit very well and the panel lines and rivets were crisp too. I did some study of the kit and did some research and decided to convert one of the two kits into a S-70B, an export variant operated by 123 SQN RSAF’s first naval helicopter squadron. This variant is equipped and configured for anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine capabilities. The following scratch-built modifications were necessary for the conversion:-

  • a. Scratch-built the TACCO and SENSO consoles and equipment racks in the cabin area and relocated the seats.

  • b. Scratch-built the dipping sonar system, having to bore a hole on the floorboard and through the belly

  • c. Added the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit

  • d. Added the various VHF/UHF and HF antennas, ESM blisters other navigational aids and chaff/flare mounts. 

  • e. Shifted the radome for AN/APS124 search radar random forward towards the nose.

  • f. Scratch-built the FLIR.

  • g. Added scratch-built skid on the tail (not included in the kit) as well as added a little actuator arm for the stabilator.

  • h. Replaced the molded-in grab handles on the clear canopy part with thin wires and added additional grab-handles on the main cabin door opening.

  • i. Replaced the two side mirrors with scratch-built one

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Little filling and sanding was necessary save for the belly halves where the AN/APS 124 radome was shifted forward. The paint scheme is primarily two-tone gray colour. I mix Tamiya/Mr Hobby acrylic basic colours to get the closest shade of gray based on photos of the RSAF’s S-70Bs. Decals were self-made.

A thin gloss coat was applied prior to the application of decals. Mr Hobby decal softener was applied for better surface conformance of the decals in view of the rivets along the fuselage. Subtle weathering was applied using pastel pencils. Finish off with two coats of MR Hobby flat.

I decided to improvise a base for the completed build as the tail wheel provided was in retracted mode and hence meant for static/on-ground display only. I created a flight deck similar to that found on the Formidable Class frigates that the S-70B are deployed. I added 3 deck crew members and finished off with a picture of the open sea view as a backdrop for it. 

I must admit that the base could have been better done up. Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the final finish, in time for the posting of the article.  

Comments are most welcome. Enjoy the photos.  

Onward, Singapore” as we celebrate our 51st National Day.

S K Loh

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Photos and text © by S K Loh