1/72 Bird Models Lippisch DM-1 with 

NACA-modifications on Academy Lockheed Ventura PV-1

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on June 30 2016



Lippisch DM-1 with NACA-modifications on Lockheed Ventura PV-1 (1:72)

After the second world war the German, almost finished experimental glider Lippisch DM-1 (test-plane for the projected ramjet P.13a) was tested and modified by the NACA until the end of 1946. During the windtunnel tests the DM-1 got a lot of changes. Finally the leading edge was a sharp edge, the vertical stabilizer was smaller and doesn´t include the canopy anymore. Instead the canopy of a P-80 Shooting Star was used. Below the delta wing a small fin was added. The control surfaces had no gap anymore, so the airfoil of the outer wing was adapted, too. As it was just a windtunnel-test it had no more moveable control surfaces. The vertical stabilizer included no rudder and was just a wooden board, like the fin on the lower side. The results of the tests with the DM-1 influenced the development of US American delta jets (XF-92, Sea Dart, F-102, F-106).

You can find informations and pictures of the real project here:

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The DM-1 never flew, it just was tested in the wind tunnel. So my model shows a fictional test plane on a (also fictional) Lockheed Ventura PV-1 with a typical NACA-paint scheme.

The base of my DM-1 was the wing of a resin kit from Bird Models. I ordered it as a spare part and Rudolf Vogel - the owner of Bird Models - sent me the wing for little money and supported my project in this way. The P-80-canopy comes from Pavla. The other parts were built from scratch, out of polystyrene. In contrast to the real plane my model shows control surfaces of cause. I also gave an airfoil to the vertical stabilizer and the fin.

For the Ventura I used the old, but very good looking kit from Academy. I removed the armament, closed the hole for the turret, added two pilots and the support for the glider (Ø1 mm carbon rods). The parts of this kit look very well and fit very good. Just some sinkmarks have to be filled and sandpapered.  Inside I placed a block with a short silicone tube. Here the carbon rod of the display is inserted.

Both models were painted by brush. The polished aluminium on the Ventura is from Humbrol, all other colours are from Revell. The model must be handled very carefully when the aluminium is painted. So I placed a handkerchief with tape around the fuselage to avoid damages of the polished surfaces.

I printed the decals by my own. After they were attached, I sprayed clear varnish over the models.

So my DM-1 family is completed now! Enjoy!

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt