1/48 Hasegawa A-4B

Gallery Article by Andreas Gordes, ARC member ‘Goggo’ on May 30 2016



Hasegawa-09426 1/48: USN A-4B and CAG squadron colors

Isn’t this a beauty? Shown here is a commanding aircraft of airwing 7 (AG) aboard the USS Independence CV-62.

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VA-86 Sidewinders did fly the A-4 from the beginning and aboard the USS Randolph in a very striking scheme with orange leading edges. However, typical for early Skyhawks have been bare metal leading edges.

The assortment of the fin colors of this A-4B is a guess. Since it is often difficult to identify the CAG colors, You will find a color chip how things have been sorted. Also a black/white chip may help You finding the correct colors.

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Andreas Gordes, ARC member ‘Goggo’

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