1/32 Hasegawa A-4F Skyhawk II Blue Angels

Gallery Article by ONAMI on May 3 2016



Here is my latest work, Skyhawk II “Super Foxtrot” from the Blue Angels. Despite being too late to join the “A-4 Skyhawk Group Build” (Sorry !), I hope you like it.

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The kit is one of the Hasegawa’s classic masterpieces, released just 40 years ago. It is very easy to build and supplies not so bad details.

Because It was clearly indispensable to polish the surface after painting to get gloss-finish, I unwillingly rescribed the raised panel lines and fastener-heads. I also added some details to the canopy, intakes (bulkier for “Super F”), nose/main wheel-wells, flaps, and the center-pylon. After completed, you must look very hard to see them J.

The decals of the kit are printed in so odd dark-yellow (I don’t remember if it was since I bought the box 40 years ago). Fortunately, I could get help of CAM’s P32-022 decal.

I show more pictures of “making” on my website below. Despite all of the article is written only in Japanese, I hope again you would enjoy the pics there.



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